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Student Advisory Panels

September 2, 2020

Students across San Bernardino County have met through a series of Student Advisory Panel meetings that give them an opportunity to engage in the process of their own educations and share their voice on school and community issues. As participants, students collaborate, discuss and address concerns in key areas of the Countywide Vision’s Community Vital Signs Transformation Plan: economy, education, safety and health/wellness.

Students work in teams and hone skills in problem-solving, teamwork, communication and leadership. They then present their work to community leaders and elected officials who can bring awareness to issues and influence policy changes.

Student Advisory Panels

The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools’ Student Advisory Program is a recipient of the 38th annual Golden Bell Award offered through the California School Boards Association.

Harrison Ridland, Graduate of Rim of the World High School

The Student Advisory Panels invite up to four students from each high school in the county to participate with the group. Because of the size of the county – 33 school districts spread over more than 20,000 square miles – there are two groups of students – one in the High Desert region and the other in the San Bernardino Basin with both West End/East Valley participants.

For more information about the Student Advisory Panel, contact County Schools’ Communications at 909.386.2413.

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